The art collective I NEED LOVERS was founded in 2014 by a couple of young artists and theater professionals, serving as a critical platform of social and political art-making: The members are actors, directors, writers, musicians, photographers and filmmakers hailing from various culutral backgrounds...

Natalie Ananda Assmann started the project to promote the international exchange of arts and politics...

I NEED LOVERS is based in Vienna...


 by Blanka Urbanek

by Blanka Urbanek

Natalie Ananda Assmann - Actress/Directress/Aktivist

Since she has finished acting school in Vienna she has been working as an actress in various productions of Austria's and Germany's fringe theatre scene..

She also started a dancing project with homeless children in Brazil, which has been inspiring her endeavours a lot ever since. Also her travelling India and Israel, where she has worked with Israeli director David Maayan was an important influence.

Her last on-screen performance was the award winning movie "Unser Lied" (Diagonale-award 2012).

Since 2013 Assmann has been collaborating with the trauma therapist and acting coach David Grand.

In september 2014 she co-directed the play "Warten aufs Bleiben-ein Gastmahl" with award winning director Tina Leisch (written by Nestroy-award winner Ibrahim Amir), a collaboration of Viennese, Pakistani and Afghan actors. With the 2015 founded initiative "schweigende mehrheit" she continues her theaterwork with refugees and escaped artist.



 © Maximilian Selim

© Maximilian Selim

Jan Hutter - Actor

born in Switzerland in 1984, he moved to Vienna to study at the musical theatre section of the "Konservatorium der Stadt Wien". His latest performances on stage are "king A", directed by Frank Panhans, "Lord of the Flies" and "20000 leagues under the sea" by Michael Schachermayer at "Theater der Jugend" in Vienna. At the National Theatre of Bosnia he appeared in "Balkan Requiem" directed by Stevan Bodroža.

In ABC's"The Quest" he played the role of "Crio". 


 © Ivana Klickovic

© Ivana Klickovic

Barbi Markovic - Writer

was born in Belgrade (1980) and studied german philology there and in Vienna. She has worked as editor at "Rende Publishing" in Belgrade.

In 2009 her fist novel "Ausgehen" was released ("Izlazenje", Rende 2006).

2011/2012 she was "city writer" of the city of Graz. "Graz, Alexanderplat " was published by Leykam in 2012.

Barbi Markovic lives and works in Vienna. 

 © Max Orthner

© Max Orthner

Astrid Lehner - Designer

was born in Austria. She studied textil/art/design in Gilbert Brettbauers class at the University of Art and Design in Linz.

Astrid Lehner designed the costumes for various productions such as “Annie”, “Anatevka”, “La Cage Aux Folles” und “Oliver Twist”; during her time in New York she worked for the design label doyoucouture

 © Marc Rissmann

© Marc Rissmann

Alexander Absenger - Actor

was born in Graz, where played in various productions of the "Theater am Ortweilplatz" and regularly entered the "Steirische Improvisationscup" and took part in the "Lentfestival" in Maribor.

He received an acting diploma at the Konservatorium Wien, with subsequent engagements at theaters in Austria and Germany: Theater Drachengasse, Theater in der JosefstadtOff-Theater, Schauspielhaus Magdeburg and Theater Osnabrück;  

Alexander is currently playing the "Theater in der Josefstadt" in Vienna. 2015 he is nominated for the austrian theater prize "Nestroy". 


 © Philipp Brozsek

© Philipp Brozsek

Lucas Johne - Actor

was born in Vienna where he studied acting. He also studied philosopy in Vienna and Nice.

He has played the "Tiroler Landestheater", the "Burgtheater", the "Spring Festival Salzburg", "Ortszeit Leogang", the "Tribüne Wien" as well as numerous fringe productions.

On TV he has appeared in "Tatort", "Soko Donau", "Die Spionin", "Altes Geld" and the ABC series "The Quest".

He gave his directorial debut at the "Neue Bühne Wien". He is currently working on his first screenplay and preparing the recital "Laute(r) (Un)Pathetische (Liebes)Lieder, appearing as one out of three singers. He lives in London.


 © Daniel Wolf

© Daniel Wolf

Stephanie Buddenbrook Actress/Writer/Performer


The Syrian Actress has lived in Cairo, Egypt (1988-1992; 1996-2000), Bucharest, Romania (1992-1996), Rome, Italy (2000-2004), Vienna, Austria (2004-2006), Colombo, Sri Lanka (winter 2005), Stirling, Scotland (2006-2009), Big Island, Hawaii (winter 2009), Vienna, Austria (2010, 2011-present), Amman, Jordan (winter of 2010-mid 2011), New York City (autum-winter 2011). 2011 she wrote and hand published an anthology of poetry, entitled "Dark Sap".

BSc Psychology with Honours : University of Stirling, Scotland.

Cinema: RISSE IM BETON von Umut Dag

TV: ABC Serious THE Quest

 © Jano Horak

© Jano Horak

Sandra Damiani - Actress

was born in Salzburg. After her piano studies at "Hochschule für Musik und darstellende Kunst Mozarteum Salzburg" she attended acting school in Bologna, Milano and Berlin. Her teachers were Judith Weston, Mel Churcheh and Robert Castle.

She made her debut as an actress at age 16, playing Hermia in William Shakespeare's "A Midsummer night's Dream". In Italy she was in plays by Paolo Pasolino and Dario Fo. In Bari and Milano she held many readings.

In England she played Martina in the Movie "Obsession", directed by Melc Churcher. In "Miss Entropy" Lucas Vossoughi was her director.

She co-directed a theatrical version of "The Passion of Johannes" by Johann Sebastian Bach, with Georgij Paro at the baroque festival in Varazdin, Croatia.

After finishing a narration class at Vienna's "Schule des Sprechens", Sandra Damini regularly records Italian Texts and Stories.

Having lived in Italy, America, Japan and Germany. 





  ©  Thomas Schneider

© Thomas Schneider

Thomas Schneider - Visual Designer/Cutter

born in Austria he received the "Spezialpreis des Bundesministeriums für Bildung, Wissenschaft und kulturelle Angelegenheiten" for communication with art spaces; 2004 he received the "Prix Ars Electronica digital communities"; smartXtension, 2007 den Fair Music Award, MIKA Wien für mulonga.net. 2009 exhibition SOUNDFRAME FESTIVAL 09, 2010 exhibition NANK FORMAT FESTIVAL ARS ELECTRONICA REPAIR at the "Tabakfabrik" Linz. 2012 exhibition DECONSTRUCT at Ausstellungszentrum Universität für Angewandte Kunst, Vienna


 ©  Philipp Broszek

© Philipp Broszek


Philipp Brozsek - Cutter/Photographer

born in vienna, austria

autodidact filmmaker, editor and photographer. he worked for different filmproductions e.g.:Allegrofilm, Dorfilm, Gebhard Productions, MR Film, PPM Films, Wegafilm; based in vienna





 © Blanka Urbanek

© Blanka Urbanek

Blanka Urbanek - Photographer 

born in Krakau, Poland

since 2009 Photographer, artistical focus Portrait- & Reportagephotographie

since 2012 founder of the artspace "This Is Not A Gallery", a project to support young and contemporary art in Vienna; she works and lives in Vienna


NILOUFAR TAGA– Autorin, Regie


Geboren 1978 Mashad/Iran. Ausbildung: 2000 - 2005 Studium Theater- und Filmregie, Athanor Akademie Burghausen, Sprachkenntnisse: Deutsch, Englisch, Farsi (Muttersprache). 

Künstlerische Tätigkeiten:

· 2016 : Schaubühne Berlin Avanti Media / Berlin / Autorin / Producerin / “Durch die Nacht “ mit Thomas Ostermeier

· 2015: Celluloid Fabrik / Leipzig / in Produktion / Persia / Fernsehen Dokumentar

Film / Produktionsleitung / Regie Klaus Stanek

· 2015: Freibeuter Film / Beleza Filmproduktion / Hamburg / Children of Revolution / Kino / Animadoku / Autorin und Regie / ( in Produktion)

· 2014Golden Girls Film / Österreich / Everyday Rebelion / Doku / Film Producerin / Co-Autorin / Regie bei Iran Teil / ein Film von Arash Riahi

· 2007-2013 ZDF Studio Teheran / Autorin und Dokumentarfilmemacherin

             Schwerpunkt : (Untergrundkultur) Diverse Fernseher Dokumentarfilme aus Teheran

·  2010 Producerin für Claus Kleber

·  2008- 2009  Iran / Valliassr / Dokumentarfilm / ZDF / 3Sat / Autorin / Producerin / Regie

·  2005-2008 / Producerin für Ulrich Tilgner für diverse Reportagen und Dokumentationen bei ZDF und Arte

· 2005 Lokalisator / Football Under Cover / Kino Dokumentation / Flyingmoon Filmproduktion / Berlin

· 2005 - 2006 „Like The Rain“ / Flyingmoon Filmproduktion / Metropolis Film

(gefördert durch Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg) / Drehbuch / Autorin

Nurdane Türkmen - Filmemacherin

 Kulturarbeiterin, Absolventin der Wiener Kunstschule (Interdisziplinäre Klasse), beschäftigt sich mit unterschiedlichsten Medien wie Fotografie, Film, Malerei und Grafik. Geborene Bregenzerin wuchs in der kurdischen Region Dersim auf.


Julia Schneider - Actress

She was born in Jerusalem in 1990 and raised trilingual in Israel and Austria. She studied musical theater at the Doreen Bird College of Performing Arts in London followed by translation studies in Graz and Vienna. In 2014 she graduated from the Anton Bruckner University with a Bachelor of Arts in acting (including an exchange semester at the Yoram Levinstein Acting Studio in Tel Aviv). She has played at the Landestheater Linz, Dionysus Festival in Croatia and several fringe productions. At the Salzkammergut Festwochen she played in a one-woman show called “Iphigenie auf Kobane”; portraying various strong women with focus on the Kurdish fighters in Kobane. As a member of the M-Arts Culture Association she was part of the organizational direction of the Art Festival “Spiel”, located at an organic farm in Austria. The duality of her identity, the complexity of belonging and living between different cultures has strongly influenced her artistic endeavors. The stage should be a laboratory, in which different languages, artistic disciplines and personalities continuously inspire each other. At the moment Julia Schneider lives and works in Tel Aviv and Vienna.






Constanze Star - Production

was born in 1987. She studied art history and german studies in Vienna, where she worked in the art business as well. Always drawn towards the theater she started working as an assistant for stage designers and directors, among others in Stadttheater Walfischgasse and 3raum Anataomietheater. She is currently working as a assistant scenic designer at Theater in der Josefstadt in Vienna. 



Foto by Michael Krebs






In GEMMA RICHARD? beschäftigen sich Jugendliche, die ihren Park wie ihre Westentaschen kennen, mit den Einschränkungen, die ihnen dort und im Leben auferlegt werden.Sie gerappt gegen Rassismus, Vorurteile und politische Hetzte gegen Menschen mit Migrationshintergrund. Neben getanzter Toleranz sind fünf Kurzfilme entstanden, in denen sich die Jugendlichen mit dem Thema Drogenmissbrauch auseinandersetzen.









JA zur Solidarität mit Menschen in Not!
JA zu einem Dach überm Kopf für ALLE!
JA zu einer menschenwürdigen Behandlung von Flüchtlingen!

Menschen solidarisieren sich in Kunst-Aktionen mit Flüchtlingen in Österreich und Menschen in Not weltweit.

Alle Infos über die Aktion, weitere Tätigkeiten und Personen www.schweigendemehrheit.at


Foto by Blanka Urbanek

Iphigenie auf Kobane


There is more to the battle of women than the history of emancipation. This battle is and has always been a history of liberation:  liberation of the male and thus of the entire society. If the battle of the male is the perennial issue, women's battles are the forever the specific reply, with an appearance as variegated as the psyche itself. Ancient literary characters encounter present day heroines to engage in a dialogue, those “Madonnas of the swords” find themselves within the sphere of influence of liberation and oppression. We are accompanying an actress on a journey from the ancient Aegean to modern-day Turkey. The audience witnesses an amalgamation of emotion and politics, witnesses the thoughts and desires of the female protagonists – their skulls cleft asunder, their psyches revealed. They become monuments of their times, explored through music, speech and physicality. From the Orient to the Occident and back. Battle and Intimacy. Hero*ine*ism and vulnerability. “The sirens have stopped enchanting. They have begun to rise”!



The live and death of Hedda Gabler, the anti-hero. A play documenting the deep connections oh human motivations, wishes, motives and abyss. Hedda Gabler, a femme fatale contradicting herself, her femininity and the established systems. The Fin de Siècle and the year 2014 are not just sharing topics like euphoria and recession, melancholia and easy-living, frivolity and decadence, but also the given of a changing society. Once more we are searching for meaning. Every generation has its weary ones. Hedda Gabler represents them, a woman destroying a world in which nothing belongs to her. Is it her world? Or is there no world she wants to exist in.

Henrik Ibsen discusses urgent questions of a self-proclaimed civil society: The ratio of economic security and freedom, the faith in rising and the fear of falling, normality and abnormality, mediocrity and cowardliness.All protagonists live in instabile economic circumstances, depending on each other. To bridge this gap is one of the topics of this theater play.

But where ist the love? Is love a victim of our materialistic society? Hedda Gabler has never loved. Hedda Gabler loves to manipulate and control. Truth or assumption? Whatever the answer of this questions will be at the end of the process, one fact remains: "Hedda Gabler is desperately fighting all kinds of feelings and eventually clasps to the bleak white".

(Natalie Ananda Assmann)



soundtrack zur produktion hedda hedda gabler by stojan



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